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CHAINLION Technology

Lion, the king of beasts, is a classic totem symbol in Chinese culture and the enterprise will of the western world to express innovation, change, innovation and transcendence!

Chainlion (chain lion Technology), the patron saint of blockchain ecological security, was founded in 2017. It originated in New York State and served the research field of blockchain security. In 2019, aiming at the rise of blockchain in the United States, the group established the blockchain Research Institute of chain lion technology. The group has a number of high-quality technical teams. Countless small partners who have won awards in the field of blockchain security were invited to chain lion technology, Jointly committed to the blockchain market.

  • Vision

    Build the world's top blockchain ecological security infrastructure

  • Mission

    Blockchain ecological security patron saint

  • Sense of worth

    Awe of nature, service first, innovation, self transcendence and value creation

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